Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sterling Spin Radio Show!

While sitting in the Cancer Center at the University of Michigan, waiting for the oncologists report from a suspicious CAT scan that I took on a lark, I had the sudden realization that life is happening now. I'd been putting off my dreams and wishes for a couple of years, thinking, they're there, I'll get to them just as soon as I finish... and I could fill in a hundred things, all the time. Waiting in the doctor's office, a funny sense of urgency began to take over.

Since that day, almost three months ago, I have gathered friends old and new around me, and we have come together with the sole purpose of creating a powerful and passionate radio show, Sterling Spin. Many of the people and events that are part of creating this experience have been magical; filled with the very energy and dedication I am ready for in my own life. Now I can share my journey with you and maybe, just maybe, help you have the energy and dedication in your life, to honor your dreams and wishes and make them come true. Tune in and listen every Thursday, Friday and Saturday on AM 1470 WWNN radio in South Florida, listen live on the Internet, or download the archives at Get ready for smart talk, real alternatives and the truth, straight up. I have so much to share.

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Jackson Dunes said...

I was in that very spot 8 years ago. I was MIS-diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live.

Life gets really interesting when you have an end date. What started off as a living hell was transformed, by me, into a life in which I manifested my dreams.

I sold or gave away most of what I owned, put the rest in a truck, put the car on a trailer behind the truck, and drove 1,500 miles to my new home, my new life here in South Florida.

My dream of living in a cottage near the beach is now my reality.

To everyone who is currently going through adversity of any sort, realize that you're not alone. That's rather simplistic, I know, but it starts there with that one fact.

Jackson Dunes
Pug At The Beach ~ Where the Dalai Lama and Jimmy Buffett meet in a small island dog whose name is PUG.