Friday, March 30, 2012

Morning Meditation

This morning in mediation, I was disrupted by the sound of traffic. The roaring din of I- 95 impeded my focus and weighed heavily on my heart. Rather than watch my breath, I watched my inner critic rise up in abject disdain for our collective infringement on the Eco-system.
And then, my attention was interrupted by the wild call of the ducks and egrets; the rustling of the leaves and the sun beating upon my forehead. Just as I was about to surrender my commitment to meditate, I experienced a harmonic convergence. The din of the traffic melded with the sounds of nature and viola... I found myself at one with everything. Not unlike the Buddhist mind of non- duality... I experienced a moment of true harmony where adaptation (on both sides of the equation) from humans and nature-- resulted in a moment of perfect harmony. Everything meshed. I was inside that glorious moment.This morning's meditation was not what I expected. What a blessing! May you find fortune in the unexpected gift that rises up in the moment.